Nation Building and Nation Transformation to keep up the GeoPolitical, GeoEconomic and GeoStrategic equations around the globe is a very difficult task for the Leadership, both Political as well as Diplomatic circles to keep up to and stay ahead of the competition.

No nation in the world cannot be successful if they simply operate within the boundaries. Regardless of the reverse globalization, the changes that was brought it in the past centuries made a permanent changes in Economic blueprints of the world. The Trade routes, trade maps, supply chain, geoPolitics, Geo Strategies all work as a web of connections with making it very difficult for nations to decouple fromĀ  one another. Liberty, dignity and Civil Society — all needs to be working in tandum with one another to build a society and progress it as a successful nation.

Maya Kannan with his long standing experience in Trade, Business, Economics and Politics could bring out various strategies and methodologies for nation building and nation transformation.