Philosophy & Mission

Who is Maya Kannan?

Maya Kannan is a GeoEconomist, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Venture Promoter, Venture Architect, and Inventor. In the space of global economics, Maya plays significantly to the transformation of economic outputs of nations. Maya’s endeavors shall facilitate representatives of nations to gain significant economic advantages in their federal programs and initiatives.   

Through harnessing the brilliance of Mayanomics – a new-age framework for business and economic growth – Maya is revolutionizing how nations, diplomats, industrialists, investors, entrepreneurs, and high NetWorth individuals remodel their business financial landscape. Focusing intently on the promising regions, Maya is generating many exceptional business-financial opportunities across diverse enterprise scales, potentially amplifying revenue streams and profits significantly.   

To address ambiguities around Artificial Intelligence and ensure it has a true worthwhile run, Maya, as an Inventor, has given the world’s first reinforced generative AI network called karmaCapsule network that helps build liquid assets with highly sustainable intrinsic value.   

As a GeoEconomist, Futuristic Entrepreneur, Venture Architect, and Socio-Economic-Political Strategist, Maya liberates brands, institutions, leaders, and nations from systemic failure to a digitally accelerated success path through his strategies, tech innovations and methodologies. Maya builds companies, creates sustainable ecosystems, forms practical cooperative societies, models consortiums, and transforms companies and institutions to the unicorn scales and ensures they always follow the progressive dimension through leadership and game-changing strategies.

Maya is a true proponent of Systemic Transformations in business, economics, trade, and politics. He advocates liberating and elevating economies from systemic failures and envisions an innovation-driven socioeconomic progression for communities. His dedicated efforts in the Strategic Advisory on the business, social, economic, and geopolitical causes come from four models #MayaNomics, #MayaLogical, #MayaNess, and #MayaNation. His unique approach to life, career, and business transformations through the principles of “Karma Yoga” helps his beneficiaries tremendously

Maya Kannan Stands for the philosophy of Systemic Liberty, Dignity, Sovereignty, and Prosperity. The philosophy drives a movement that would build and take forward Nations, Businesses, Brands, Institutions, their leaders to Liberate and transform towards the Goals.

Maya’s engagement with the world is primarily through   

  • Advising, planning, strategizing and modelling geo-economic plans, programs, and initiatives  
  • The concepts of Mayanomics to remodel business-financial landscapes to create exceptional opportunities for generating revenues and profits.   
  • KarmaCapsule to align AI developments, projects, and initiatives.   
  • Investing and promoting Unicorn Start-ups   
  • Business, Social, and Political Leadership Advisory   
  • Strategic Technology Business Consulting.   


Maya Kannan offers various advisory consultations on   

  • Business, Trade, Market Dynamics   
  • Winning through Transnational Trade and Brand Design Post-Covid    
  • Business expansion through Ecosystem-based Architecture modelling   
  • Regional/Rural/Urban Economic Development Planning    
  • Artificial Intelligence / Artificial Neural Networks and their influence in Global Landscape Transformation.    
  • Building Automated Consensus-Driven Societies with Decentralized Architectures.    
  • Decentralized Economy, Decentralized Finance (Defi ), and Trustless Systems.    
  • Liberating Brands, Social-Economic Systems out Systemic Captivity.    
  • Vision, Intelligence, Strategic Advisory on Trade, Transnational Social Landscape and geopolitical Ecosystems.    
  • Innovative Tech Strategies for Rebuilding National Wealth & Combating Trade Enemies 

Core Philosophy: Liberation from Maya (the Illusion or Smoke Screen ) Created by your Enemies/Competitors by reinforcing the wisdom derived from over 5000 years of Successful Nations, Societies, and Institutions to the future Goals.

Mantra & Slogan: “Win Maya as kannan”

What does Maya stand For ?:  Maya Kannan stands for systemic liberty, the right to Prosperity, Sovereignty,  and dignity in all aspects of people’s life’s progression.

Why? : He strongly believes that the Society of people and the Systems(Nations, Institutions, Brands, etc) around them are facing the deterioration of liberty, dignity, opportunity, Prosperity due to enemies / Competitors constantly creating Smoke Screens(Maya) around Facts, Science, Technology and Methodologies. So, it becomes necessary for people like Maya Kannan to help those Nations, Societies, Institutions, Brands, and their Leadership communities to clear off and liberate themselves from those smoke screens.

How?: Human beings are infatuated with the Maya(non-existence thing) and thus they create bondage to those illusionary and delusionary things, so as are the institutions and societies built by them. So, for freedom, liberation, and Prosperity one must seek true insights and correct knowledge of the principles behind the hidden Maya. The Job of Maya Kannan as a Liberator is to bring in that wisdom as Tools to Accelerate the Transformational / Growth of Nations, Institutions, Brands, and their Leaders.

When? He will continue to lead this movement of Liberating Systems – Societies, Nations, Institutions, and Brands as and when the need arises.

Where?  This movement will have its presence in all formats of Facades – Helping Social entities, GeoPolitical Advisory, GeoEconomic Framework Designs, Direct to People Collaborations, Cooperative Corporations, Political Actions Committees, Civil Liberty movements, Public Legal actions committees, etc., 

Paths of Engagement:

1. mayaNomics

mayaNomics is a unique approach to Systemic Liberty in Economics, Trade, Business, and Politics. mayaNomics is a revolutionary Principle and Mechanics of Free-Market Economics of the modern-day. MayaNomics recognizes the Prosperity of Nations and so-the trade/business purely based on the Free Production and Movement of Goods and Services under a Decentralized Structure. Through MayaNomics one can master the digitally transforming world hop into the driver’s seat and accelerate their career and business to Reach Goals. Maya Kannan offers various advisory consultations on Business, Trade, Market Dynamics, Transnational Organizational Design & Development, Business expansion through Ecosystem-based Architecture modeling, Regional/Rural/Urban Economic Development planning, etc.,

2. mayaLogical

mayaLogical is a Scient & Art of Practicing a Journey of Successful life by combining the mind and Spirit. Maya Kannan stands to Liberate and elevate the inner Mind & Spirit to attain and retain inner engineering for a better life by eliminating biases and clogs that stand between you and the Goals. The philosophy, mother of Science is a blend of logic & Psychology one has to master to conquer and win. Maya Kannan offers advisory Consultation in Logical Decision Making, Deep Insights into specific Issues, Situational Tactics, Dynamics of Life Happenings, Spanning Social, Commercial, Business, and Politics. Maya Kannan is a Practitioner of Yoga and Principles of karma-yoga for a better life, liberty, and prosperity. Most people struggle in Personal, Business, Career, and Social life due to the lack of the right channel for wisdom. Maya Kannan shall be that channel.

3. mayaNess

mayaNess, a Principle Designed around Human Mechanics is a unique functional approach to the Body, Mind, Life, Liberty, and Prosperity of an individual, institution, and Society at large. MayaNess emphasizes human strengths and their potentialities rather than their deficiencies and shortcomings. Liberty & dignity in mental, Spiritual & Physical Wellness Practices. Maya Kannan offers Health and Wellness Strategic Consultation for individuals across the board, for restoring their Total Wellness by combing all these aspects for a better Personal, career, Business, Social and Political Life.  Maya Kannan shall discuss and guide you into the right perspective of life through various topics like Yoga, Natural Well Being, Life-Work Balance, Karma Yoga, Meditation, Goals Setting, Pulling yourself together.

4. mayaNation

MayaNation is an art of building better nations and societies by combing wisdom across times in the history of humanity. A Sustainable Nation-building / Society-Building is not an easy affair. It requires intrinsic knowledge and wisdom from multiple philosophies spanning 1000s of years validated through the rise and fall of generations in history and the mechanics of such failures and successes. Through mayaNation, Maya Kannan engages with and help the governments, Transnational Organizations, Socio-Political Organizations, NGOs, High Networth Individuals, and Other large Institutions worldwide by providing them with vision, Intelligence, strategic Advisory, Problems Solving on GeoPolitics, Trade, Transnational Social-Political Ecosystems development, Rebuilding National Wealth, Combating Trade Enemies from within and from outside of the national boundaries.