Wall Of Gratitude

This is a very important page. This page gives me an opportunity to
show gratitude to the people who helped me to achieve good things in
life. I have done my best to compile the best list of as many people in
my life that I am grateful to; but I am sure that if I have to compile
the list with everyone who helps me in my life, it will go to few
hundred pages. So it does not mean that I am not grateful to people who
are not mentioned on this page. Whether the name is mentioned here or
not, I am grateful to each and every person who directly or indirectly
helped me to make my life successful and significant.

1. Mrs. Vilosana – My Mom.

2. Mr. Balabisegan – My Dad.

3. Mr. Krishnamurthy – My Guru, the man who first told me and made me believe strongly that I am a winner.

4. Mr. Krishnamani Iyer a.k.a M.K.  Manisastry- My spiritual and yoga Guru, the man who made me find who really I am.

5. Mr. Zig Ziglar – My Guru of enlightenment who came into my life and made a permanent positive change.

6. Dr. Ashok Thaker – Man who taught me how paper money works and how it
is quite different from wealth. He opened the door for my quest for
knowledge on money and how to win over it. He had a beautiful heart
hidden behind his aggressive business character which very few people
could understand.

7. Robert Kiyosaki – Man who i consider as my financial mentor as his
books & videos turned me into a literate in real financials;
especially the difference between asset & liability can never be
taught this simple. In the world of complexity, i love & respect
those who give solutions and guidance in simplicity. He is at the top of
the list.

8. Gaurav Sogi – A dear friend and a well-wisher. A man of genuine
character and integrity. He had always believed in me and gives a lot of
value to my friendship. He is quick to take action for helping me out
without thinking about any return favor.

9. Sudhakar – My brother was my role model in many aspects during my
school days. He was always the topper in any educational academy he
joined and completed. He had worked hard helping my dad in our tiny
business in spite of his studies. Being the elder, he was taking most of
the family responsibilities apart from my parents which shielded me and
my sister. He always stood behind me for everything that I do as a very
strong supporter.

10. Susetha – My sister, who is closer by emotion to me compared to my
brother. Being the first person earning from the family through a job, she
made many compromises for her own life to take the family to the next
comfort level. I was one of the major beneficiaries. She helped me in
important times during my college days. She also helped me in taking
charge as Director of the Indian side of my corporation and helped me to
focus more on the US side. She always trusted in my judgments and stood
behind 100% in my actions and helped me in making decisions in many
tough situations.

11. Prabhakar – My dear friend who came to me as a savior during a
very important stage in my college days and brought me out of the
problem. He always believes in me and reminds me that I am a successful

12. Sathish Kumar Udayanarayanan – My dear friend who was my study partner between 6-10 grades. He changed my study life.

13. Gurumoorthy – My dear friend who always congratulates me and reminds me that I am a winner and i can do better.

14. Sathya Narayanan – My dear friend who was my inspiration to
literature and philosophy learning apart from studies. He helped me
with $500 towards forming my first business venture.

15. Sridhar – My dear friend who was an inspiration to my studies to secure higher grades.

16. Late Mr.Ethiraj – My teacher in 8th grade who first found out and congratulated me that I have talent in drawing.

17. Mrs. Rukhmani – A teacher who took a special interest in teaching grammar to me and my friends.

18. Mr. Sankaralingam – A Tamil teacher who was a spiritual person also. He is the one who first introduced the word meditation.

20. Gururaj – My dear friend who was with me during all my
tough times and a friend in need. At one point of time in his life, he
spent more time with me more than the combined time he spent with the rest of the people. Although his career put us in different places, I always keep him
close to my heart.

21. Vivekanandan – My dear friend who is in friends with me for
the past 18 years. He is a person who had involved and helped in many
personal aspects of my life.

22. T. Suresh – My dear friend who is friends with me for the
past 18 years. He always impressed and inspired me with his kind-heartedness, productivity, and responsibility. He is more than a friend; he is like a brother to me. He took care of my personal as well as business needs with or without invitations without any selfishness.

23. Mrs. Geetha Srinivasa Rao – Gururajs’s mom who considers me
as her second son. She trusts me and believes in me as well as her own son.

24. Srivathsan – My dear friend who was my study partner during
my college days. He taught me many techniques in studies and how to secure
a better grade. He inspired me in many ways.

25. Mrs. Subha – Gururaj’s sister who helped me with my TOEFL examination fee.

26. Mr. Vivekanandan – I frequently refer to him as computer point
sir. This man made a huge change in my life by giving timely help
which made me get my first IT job which turned my career life to a
greater success path.

27. Rajesh Tripathi – My dear friend who always believes in me
and articulates his inspirational talk in his own beautiful style. He
believed in me as a successful person when I was just starting my
business career. He invested(actually helped me) in my venture when I was nothing.

28. Uttam Kumar – My dear friend helped me with capital
investment during a very important stage of the business. He is one of
the people who always believed in me when I just started my business and
he still admires me for my talent.

29. Anirudh Khanna – My dear friend is one of the people
who invested in my venture when i started. He always liked me and
believed that I am going to achieve something big.

30. Mr. Saravanan Narasimhan – He is my brother-in-law. He had
helped on two occasions in my life. Once he helped me with timely help
to take my GRE and apply for Universities in US dollars when my family
was earning money in a few thousand rupees. He also helped me for a while
taking an important role in the corporation.

31. Mr. Natesan Paulraj – Our entire family is grateful to this
man who helped us to come out of our financial problems and changed our
lifestyle from poor to lower middle class by giving Job as working
partner to my father in his business. He helped me by paying an annual fee
for my Engineering education in India.

32. Mrs. Philomina Raj – She played a major role in my life.
She was my first boss. She discovered some of the qualities which I had
and made me realize them. She was the first person who gave me the taste
of self-empowerment and self-responsibility by giving me so much of freedom at work. She is one of the people who always believe in
me and say that I will achieve greater heights.

33. Mr. Iyyemperumal – He is one of my mentors in Business. He
was the first person to identify the fire in me to achieve things and
made me take some important decisions of starting my first business venture which although did not do well but gave me excellent learning.
He gave me some advice which i still apply successfully in business.

34. Mr. J. S. Nadar – He is one of my mentors in Business. He
is the man who handled a technique of intimidation to make me take
action to start a business. He inspired me a lot with his strong and
powerful words. I got the mental toughness and took bold steps to start
a business because of him.

35. Mr. Nagraj – He was one of the Directors of ABC consultants
in India. I met him on a train during my journey from Mumbai to
Chennai. The 12 hours time I spent with him, changed many outlooks I had
about business and management. He is the person whom I consider as a
miracle man who came at a very important stage and changed my career
life forever.

36. Sunil Poondla – My friend who helped me in the US when I
desperately needed some help. He was helping me without even meeting me
in person.

37. My Wife Lavanya Kothandaraman.

38. Mr. Murugan Chellaiah – My uncle who is my financial
person. He helps me in taking care of my both personal and business
finances with full heartedness. Without him, i would have not handled
company finance remotely. He is one of the people who always believe in

39. Vijayavarthini – My Aunt, who helped me in taking care of
me as more than a mother when I was sick with Measles. She always
impresses me with her responsibility.

40. Rajini Pramila(late) – My Aunt, who also helped me in
taking care of myself when I was suffering from measles. She was one of my
dearest people who I lost, unfortunately.

41. Naveen – My uncle, who always helped me to enjoy what was available only to rich kids.

42. Mr. Thiruvenkatam – He is one of the very few teachers who
impressed me during college. He was the first person to admire my
talents in lab sessions which made me a person of practical
implementation of tougher concepts.

43. Nithya Priya – My ex-wife who always admires and encouraged me in what I did.

44. Praful Mayekar – A man who believes in me and joined me in
my career goal to help me in achieving by taking my goals as his goals.
He is a long time friend who is a well-wisher and person with genuine
interest in my personal and my company’s growth. From the day i walked
into his office for US Job opportunities up until today when he takes care
of my business, he had always shown the character of genuine commitment to
our relationship.

45. Shilpi Dey – My dear friend and ex-coworker while I was
working in Mumbai. Her friendship made a lot of difference in my life. I learned to bridge the gap between different cultures and lifestyles
because of her friendship.

46. Pankaj Rai – A friend who introduced Mr. Ziglar to my life.
He also was my customer and gave me an important breakthrough by giving
business opportunity.

47. Stan Ceimeiki – He was my customer who gave me an important business opportunity.

48. Patrick Chisolm – My first customer.

49. Patrick Michaels – A customer who gave a very good
reference to another customer who helped us to deploy our first

50. Hanumantha Raju – My dear friend who helped me in very important occasions in my life in the USA.

51. Tamy Mcdonald – She helped me by editing my first book.

52. My Parents-In-law who trusted me and gave their daughter’s hands to me in marriage.

53. K. Saravanan – A very good friend and business colleague
who still runs one of my business units. He helped the company to grow
by his persistence and dedication.

54. Manas Ranjan Parida- One of my best and trusted employees
who stands behind the success and growth of the company and also gives a
lot of support to me personally. I feel things taken care of in his

55. My Friend Vijay Kumar chickava who helped financially during some tough time.

56. Raj Satyen – A friend who provided me with business opportunities at a very desperate time of my career life.

57. My Friend Siddharth Aggarwal. Always admired me for my abilities and trusted me on my character and loved me for my friendship. Helped with financially during a crisis time and refused to even listen to the reason stating it does not matter.

58. Luis Morinigo – Came as a client in my life and became a friend for life.

59. Guru Ravindran – My uncle who stood on my side during a personal life Crisis.